We began our journey finding products and sourcing them at a time when people were restricted in ways they could access products in regular retail shops. It became our mission to find great products that made big things happen, and Flicker Direct was born.

When you by one of our products they should add value to your life; make you laugh, make you happy, fulfill a need. You might need a nice pair of shoes to go with your trousers for a friends wedding. Or, you might be looking for an inexpensive sweater to go with your designer jeans. 

We understand that people don't shop like they used to. Our habits are changing. We like quality at affordable prices and then sometimes we like luxury items. Our goal is to to be the place where you can bag a bargain and find that designer piece as well.

We want to bring products direct to you with ease. Products that will surprise you as well as offer you something different, and we want to offer you great discounts and easy options to pay for your goods. We're working on doing this day by day and we want you to be part of our evolution.

The flicker Direct team.